COVID-19 & Calendars

Call me a Boomer, but I’m still a paper calendar kinda guy. I appreciate seeing the month at a glance and checking off tasks with a pen. Between vocational and personal commitments, my calendar remains full.

Until Thursday, March 12.

In a press conference, Governor Kemp urged organizations to discontinue large public gatherings. Later in the day local school systems cancelled classes. The next day Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson strongly advised United Methodist congregations to cancel worship services.

Suddenly, my calendar cleared.

Calendar Covid 19Out of morbid curiosity, I marked cancelled meetings and events with a red X. I’m up to 29 now and counting! However, something strange occurred. A clearer calendar led to a heavier workload.

First, we’re learning creative ways to accomplish daily tasks. Old dogs can learn new tricks, but the canine gets dog-tired in the process. Second, social distancing and video/conference calls aren’t as effective or efficient as person-to-person interaction. Finally, uncertainty and anxiety dampen our spirits.

I regularly have to take a deep breath and allow my shoulders to relax. Then the Holy Spirit reminds me that the Lord God Almighty is still in control. We serve the First and the Last, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. All of life takes place within the context of God’s providential care.



2 thoughts on “COVID-19 & Calendars

  1. I’m grateful for Spring Break this week. I can now catch up on my backlog of digital learning grading and work ahead on the next week(s) lessons. Amazing how staying at home to work was so much more work…

    Praying for you and all pastors as you navigate a digital Holy Week.


  2. Just want to thank you for a wonderful Palm Sunday sermon! What a wonderful and uplifting reminder during this time that He is our shepherd, He loves us, He knows us, and He is watching over us! Thank you so much for your message and for being such an amazing Shepherd to our Northside congregation! I look forward to worshiping more with you throughout Holy Week and I will be praying for you and our church. Thank you again!


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