It Came to Pass

During Bible study, a pastor asked participants to share their favorite Scripture passages. An elderly woman said, “My favorite verses in the Bible all begin with the words, ‘It came to pass.’”

it came to passConfused, the minister asked, “Why is this phrase so important to you?”

The wise saint replied, “Because, preacher, the Bible says, “It came to PASS,” but it does not say, “It came to STAY!”

Crisis narrows our horizons and perceptions. We pull into ourselves and focus on me and mine. It’s easy to imagine that the COVID-19 crisis has come to stay.

Faith grants an eternal perspective that sees life beyond the moment. Hope broadens horizons and perceptions. Love reminds us that we’re not alone.

In the King James Version of the Bible, verses often begin with the words, “It came to pass.” They never say, ‘It came to stay.”


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