Bill Burch

Bio: Theology literally means "words about God." The divine Word described in human words--heavenly treasure in jars of clay. Bill is a practical theologian sharing his worldview. To misquote Lucy van Pelt: "Theological help 5¢--the doctor is IN!" Bill serves as the senior pastor at Northside United Methodist Church in Atlanta, Georgia. He is married to Tracy who is a school teacher, and they have two adult children: Katie and Will. Their third "child" is a Yorkshire Terrier named Sam.

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1 thought on “About

  1. Nice blog, Bill! Hope your last sermon Friday night went well and that your trip home was safe. Prayers again for your preaching tomorrow. I know your folks will be blessed as I expect you too will have a glow on your face after a week of inspiration at Salem Camp Meeting. All the best, Bill Carl


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