Virtual Worship

During the COVID-19 crisis, Northside Church has suspended gatherings in the congregation and community for the near future. However, we continue to offer online worship services Sundays at 9:45 and 11:00 on Facebook and The church website also features videos of the services and sermons.

Some churches are calling their online services “Virtual Worship.” Dictionary entries for the word “virtual” include:

  • Almost but not exactly in every way a thing or quality
  • Seen, heard, or experienced on a computer

At Northside, we reject the first definition and embrace the second. Online worship is NOT “almost but not exactly” worship. Whether worship occurs in person or online, we are the body of Christ praising God.

Join us in worship each Sunday as an online community of faith.

Virtual Worship

Sam the Yorkshire Terrier watching Northside’s online service last Sunday with me. 

2 thoughts on “Virtual Worship

  1. AWWW love seeing Sam! (and you too Bill!). It is really surreal right now, but God is at work – always! The church is still the church – no matter where we are sitting…

    The children’s song comes to mind:
    I am the church
    You are the church
    We are the church together
    All who follow Jesus, all around the world
    We are the church together!!

    Bless you! Anne


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