Growing in Love

The Grand Miss Haisley, our three-year-old granddaughter, stayed two weeks with us in June. The first week she attended ‘Cation Bible School at Northside Church. Then we spent a week at the beach.

Lately, family relationships have fascinated Haisley. For anyone who will listen, she proudly traces her family tree, carefully delineating who is related to whom and why. It’s intriguing to watch her connect the dots.

One day we were discussing the day of Haisley’s birth. My wife described how snow covered the ground, and we traveled to the hospital to see her for the first time.

Haisley perked up to add some details. She said, “Until I was born, I was growing in my mommy’s tummy.” Then she looked at me and added, “And I was growing in Pops’ heart.”

OHMYGOSH. Buy this girl a pony! My heart melted then and there.

I always rolled my eyes when my friends became doting grandparents. Then I became one, and suddenly I understood. Grandchildren are the delayed prize of parenthood, and indeed they do grow in your heart.

Following the Palm Sunday Parade, some religious leaders took Jesus to task. They asked, “Do you not hear what these children are saying?” Jesus responded, “From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise.” (Matthew 21:16)

From the lips of our children and grandchildren, we also discover grace anew. May God’s love incarnate in others’ lives grow in our hearts.

3 thoughts on “Growing in Love

  1. Indeed, you have to experience being a grandparent to understand fully the joy of being one!! Truly, it is one of God’s greatest blessings! Thank you for sharing your precious one’s comments! She knows her Pop’s heart.! At the end of a trip, one of my teenage grandsons said: “Thanks grandma for going with us! It would not have been the same without you and gave me a big hug!.” Needless to say it melted my heart and I too thought if I could give you the moon right now, I would!


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