Saint Patrick’s Day

Everyone’s Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day! Today the church celebrates the patron saint of Ireland. Although March 17 commemorates Patrick’s death date, many choose to observe the feast day in more, shall we say, pagan ways!

When it comes to Saint Patrick’s life, fact, fiction, and myth are inseparably intertwined. Historians date his life sometime in the fifth century. Abducted by an Irish raiding party, the young man spent years in captivity before escaping to England. Later Patrick returned to Ireland as the first Christian evangelist to proclaim the gospel.

Legends about the saint abound. He purportedly used a three-leafed shamrock to teach pagans about the Trinity. After snakes distracted him during a fast, Patrick banished all serpents from the land. During a lengthy sermon, his walking stick grew roots and bloomed into a living tree.

We’re all Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day. So, kiss me because I’m Irish! Wear the green, beware the leprechauns, and toast the saint.

Also, recall that beyond the myth was a man who faithfully served God and others. Self-sacrificial love put the “Saint” in front of Patrick’s name.

Saints of God, let us go forth and do likewise.

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