Fiscal Advice

I recently preached on Fiscal Fitness. During sermon preparation, I asked people to share on Facebook some great financial advice they had received or shared. Here are some of the comments.

  • A part of all I earn is mine to keep. In other words, prioritize savings.
  • Write down your debt. Then pay off the smallest amount first.
  • 10% to God. 10% savings. 10% retirement. 70% life.
  • Make all you can. Save all you can. Give all you can.
  • Tithe.
  • The best investment is time in people.
  • Make a budget. Stick to it. Reassess each month.
  • If you loan others money, consider it a gift.
  • Slow and steady wins the race. (Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered!)
  • Pay off credit cards each month.
  • You don’t need that!
  • Spend the inheritance!
  • It is not income, but outgo, that determines your wealth.

Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Spend wisely.

1 thought on “Fiscal Advice

  1. I’m sorry I missed that. But two things come to mind: l(1) Live below your means. That way you won’t come up short. (2) An old saying: “Use it up. Wear it out. Make it do. Do without.”


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