Valentine’s Cards Disposal Service

Following my father’s death last fall, I have been sorting through his paperwork. I discovered a cache of greeting cards spanning the 56 years of my parents’ marriage. I enjoyed perusing the sentimental notes they exchanged.

Then I came across some Valentine’s Day cards from their newlywed years. Some things just cannot be unseen, and I am now in psychotherapy! On the other hand, my wife and children found the entire affair hilarious.

Even as an adult, it’s challenging to think of your parents as a young couple passionately in love. Since they had two children, I am theoretically aware of the biology behind the facts. However, I always assumed they only engaged in martial relations two times for the sake of procreation!

Therefore, I am soliciting angel investors to fund a startup business with the working title, “Valentine’s Cards Disposal Service.” Our hazardous waste experts will visit childhood homes and remove mawkish mementos. The savings in counseling sessions alone will more than pay for the service!

For my married readers, I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day. Make sure your beloved knows how you feel. Express heartfelt feelings in inspired word or lavish verse.

THEN, throw the cards away!

Trust me on this one.

4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Cards Disposal Service

  1. This is hilarious. Have you ever read stuff that you and your wife exchanged early on? I came across some that Ray and I sent. Very sweet…not too bad!😂😂💕❤️ That was over 55 years ago!


  2. Bill, you made me laugh and I needed that. I feel the same way and definitely my children feel that Patsy and I only had marital relations twice. Stay safe.


  3. Very funny Bill! The future won’t present as much on paper. It will be more in cyberspace!
    I loved letters I found at my mother’s house.


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