Holy Week

During Holy Week, the church rehearses the final days of Jesus’ life. We began the week on Palm/Passion Sunday. The dual title recognizes the twin realities of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem and Christ’s agonizing death at Golgotha.

This week Christians experience the extremes of the human condition:

  • Palm Sunday
    • Passion Sunday
  • A parade
    • A death march
  • Palms
    • Nails
  • Cries of Hosanna!
    • Cries of Crucify him!
  • Laughter
    • Tears
  • Celebration
    • Grief
  • Life
    • Death

Many believers skip from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, from palms to lilies, from celebration to celebration, skipping the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which separate the two Sundays. In doing so, they fail to witness the unimaginable height, width, and depth of divine love.

During this Holiest of Weeks, we are called to follow in the footsteps of Jesus on the Via DolorosaThe Way of Suffering—which leads to Golgotha. Let us journey together to the foot of the cross . . . and beyond.


3 thoughts on “Holy Week

  1. Yes, as Sheri Smith put it, “Let us lie in the ashes” for a while. I know that my fellow disciples in Christ who have previously been involved with the production of The Way of the Cross would agree with me that it is well worth taking a look from a different perspective as you consider the four Gospel accounts, the time period, religious practices, and the anguish of being wrongfully accused as you deeply love. To consider the pit brings more joy from the release of it through a righteous Savior!


  2. I am sitting in the ashes and gazing into the grief but this will only enhance the joy and celebration of Easter Morning! Thank you for the reminder to savor every part of the Passion of Christ.


  3. Thank you for the reminder. There is so much to ponder over. This has certainly been a quiet week for me. So much to give God thanks for. Let us invite the Savior to live in our hearts.


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