Ubiquitous God

During the 6th century, the church baptized time by creating a new way to count the years. Jesus’ birth divided the bc-adcalendar into “before” and “after.” In Latin, BC signifies Before Christ. Anno Domini or AD literally means In the Year of Our Lord.

The politically correct in society seek to reduce all things to the most common denominator. So they substitute BCE and CE for BC and AD—Before Common Era and Common Era. However, the dates still revolve around Jesus’ birth. Who DO they think they’re fooling?!?

The birth of Christ forever bisected history. The Incarnation transformed the very fabric of the cosmos. Not only reality but also each Christian life can be divided into two eras: BC and AD.

We seldom if ever use the word ubiquity in daily conversation. Synonyms for the word include omnipresence, pervasiveness, and universality. The term defines a state of being everywhere and at all times.

Reflecting on God’s ubiquity or omnipresence, Frederick Buechner wrote:

Every automobile bears on its license plate a number that represents the number of years that have elapsed since the birth of Christ. This is a powerful symbol of the ubiquity of God and the indifference of humanity. (Wishful Thinking, p. 94)

The year in every date bears witness to Christ’s birth. Ubiquitous, indeed.

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