Hamilton versus Worship

My wife and I recently saw “Hamilton” at the Fox Theater. The historical musical entertained and enthralled the audience. The pastor-in-me noticed some intriguing attributes about the “congregation.” They:

  • Paid large sums for premium tickets.
  • Saved the date and prioritized their attendance.
  • Arrived an hour before the play started.
  • Parked blocks away and walked to the entrance.
  • Waited in long lines to enter the building.
  • Took their seats before the opening number.  
  • Wore masks inside the building without complaint.  
  • Remained silent and attentive throughout the performance.
  • Sat in uncomfortable seats for over three hours.
  • Envied those who sat closest to the stage.
  • Took selfies to share on social media.
  • Bought merch to proudly advertise their presence.
  • Talked to family and friends about the experience.

May all of God’s people gather for worship this Sunday “in the room where it happens!”

6 thoughts on “Hamilton versus Worship

  1. Don’t you wish peopled wanted to be “in the room where it happens” (sanctuary) with as much enthusiasm as taking in a musical or a sports event? 🧐 Of course, one can worship anywhere in God’s creation, without parking, waiting in lines or buying a ticket. However, more hunger for worship offered to God in fellowship with God’s people gathered is to be desired.


  2. Maybe we need to alter the ritual of worship.
    Have left side of church yell Jesus, right side yells back Christ (Nate to bring in Youth and lead)
    Call for God (a bit like calling the Dawgs)
    Have response leaders around the sanctuary to encourage enthusiastic response to readings and robust singing.
    Have full orchestra each week – play traditional religious tunes revered by the congregation
    Bring back old saints to give testimonies (pep talks)
    Run video highlights of Bible characters doing great things fit The Kingdom
    Rap parts of the sermon in true Hamilton fashion – three points, spoken very, very rapidly in edgy rhyme so we fully understand the relevance of the Word!
    End with parishioners storming the pulpit celebrating the Joy of worshiping together – while respecting mask guidelines and social distancing protocols, of course.

    Maybe not, maybe not. I’d be sure you are ready for retirement should you choose to walk this path. Then again we are Methodists, the Worship Committee probably will not approve this order of worship, so you are good.


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