Lessons Politicians Teach our Children

While watching political-attack ads and debates on TV , I began to reflect on the lessons that politicians of all parties are teaching our children on-air.

  • If you cannot say something nice, say nothing at all something mean, nasty, hurtful, hateful, defamatory, and derogatory. Interrupt others because your opinion is more important.
  • Never take responsibility for your own actions. Always blame someone else for your faults and failures.
  • Take credit for others’ achievements. Never recognize anyone else’s contributions. Pride is for winners and humility for losers.  
  • Lie. Lie BIG. The bigger the lie, the better the lie. Lie more when someone responds with the truth.
  • Call others liars. If someone does not agree with your version of the truth, dismiss their opinions as fake news or false delusions.
  • Bully people. Use your power and position to torment and tyrannize other children.
  • Appearance is more important than substance and looks supersede character.
  • Look out for #1. Treat everyone else like, well, #2.
  • Finally, never trust national media outlets or local blog authors.

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