During August, Northside Church’s worship series explored five words in God’s Word. We began with the term “Hallelujah, which combines two Hebrew words. “Hallel” means praise, and “jah” is an abbreviation for God’s name, “Yahweh.” The word is often translated in English as “Praise the Lord.”

hallelujahWithin the Psalter, “Hallelujah” is not only an exclamation of praise but also a command to worship. In essence, it declares, ‘HEY, YOU! PRAISE THE LORD, NOW!”

Hallelujah’s directive is a needed reminder in our faith walk. We are an absent-minded, scatterbrained people who forget to glorify God in personal devotion and corporate worship. The Holy Spirit regularly taps us on the shoulder with a reminder to glorify God.

At times, we say it with an exclamation point. Other times with a period. Sometimes with a question mark. Then there are times when we silently wait to say it all.

We sing and shout it. We sigh and pray it. We whisper and whimper it. But still we say it.

You—me—praise the Lord! In all times and all places. Now and forevermore. God’s people choose to say, “Hallelujah!”

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