Water with a Dash of Arsenic, Please

This summer Consumer Reports warned that bottled water sold by Whole Foods contains potentially harmful amounts of arsenic. Tests revealed levels three times higher than other brands.

Starkey waterWhole Foods prides itself on offering healthy, clean food for consumers. In response to the report, the company responded that the water meets “all FDA requirements and are fully compliant with FDA standards for heavy metals.”

Bless their hearts.

This raises an interesting question. Just what amount of arsenic is acceptable in drinking water? Call me crazy, but I’m thinking NONE! Some elements are so toxic that even a little bit is too much.

Consumer Reports noted that a single bottle would not harm consumers. However, long-term consumption of even small amounts of heavy metals can cause significant harm.

Turns out arsenic is a lot like sin: toxic even in small amounts and small quantities cause big consequences.

Therefore, here’s my advice:

  • Whole Foods, just quit trying to justify arsenic in your water, and clean up your supply.
  • Christians, just quit trying to justify sin in our hearts and clean up our lives.

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