The Northside Church staff wears nametags with the church’s logo. It allows members and guests alike to identify staff members along with the areas in which they serve.

nametagDuring hospital visits and offsite meetings, I wear my nametag in the community. The practice facilitates visits at hospitals and other institutions; and at times, it has led to impromptu conversations about church and faith.

However, sometimes I forget I’m wearing a nametag.

Last year a group of five staff members went to lunch at a local eatery. Although the restaurant was not crowded, food service took forever. We expressed our disappointment to the server. Then we realized that each of us was proudly sporting a Northside Church nametag!

For those who call ourselves “Christian,” we constantly live with the tension of claiming the name of Christ but acting all too human. People are always watching to see if our practice equals our profession. Although I’m not prone to amnesia, wearing a nametag reminds me of who I am . . . and who I am called to be.

Suppose you wore a “Christian” nametag this week. How would it transform your words and actions?

2 thoughts on “Nametags

  1. Love this Dr. Bill! A fine reminder. And the same could be said of wearing a cross around our neck. Thank you for this post!


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