Pray for Those in Authority

I’ve weary of people taking potshots at our governor and mayor, including some of my fellow Christians and clergy.  Our political leaders face incredible challenges, juggling multiple responsibilities and demands. Any decision will outrage a portion of the populace.

I’m amazed that people who have never run a hundred member organization know exactly how to govern a state or city. Monday morning quarterbacks abound, all smugly confident they possess the perfect plan for yesterday’s game.

I do not know Governor Brian Kemp or Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms personally. I believe they are people of faith who seek the best for their constituents. No doubt, they have made and will continue to make mistakes. They are human beings working with limited knowledge and conflicting advice. We can disagree with their decisions without attacking their integrity or intellect.

I’m also tired of the false dichotomy of “people or profits.” It’s not an either/or equation. People make profits. Profits support people. Balancing public health with economic stability on a high wire without a net would make a trapeze artist blanch in fear.

For those who chant “shelter in place” as a mantra, I wholeheartedly agree that our society needs to practice social distancing to protect the vulnerable. However, recognize that the ability to work from home is a socioeconomic privilege that many do not enjoy.  A large percentage of our population must physically show up at work in order to get paid.

Let’s also recognize that the ability to stay at home is based on others who go to work. Clerks stock shelves and bag groceries. Nurses and doctors care for the sick. Sanitation workers pick up the trash. Truck drivers deliver the goods. Big box stores supply construction and DIY projects. Restaurants provide takeout food.

Paul calls the church to pray for those in authority (1 Timothy 1:1-2). Let us spend more time praying for our leaders and less time demonizing those who disagree with us.

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