An Attitude of Gratitude

attitude of gratitudeAn attitude of gratitude begins and ends each day with the question, “What am I grateful for today?” Then thanksgiving directs our eyes from the gift to the Giver. It prompts us in a variety of ways to say “Thank you” to the Author of all good and perfect gifts.

Gratefulness begins with God and overflows to others. The Lord graces us with life-giving relationships with family, friends, and others. Our human nature leads us to take people for granted. A focus on gratitude inspires us to both experience and express our appreciation for those around me.

Gratitude also helps inoculate our souls against whining, complaining, and grumbling. Gratefulness leads us to focus on blessings rather than inconveniences. It is difficult to moan and groan while praising God and loving others.

We tend to be a forgetful people, so seed each day with small reminders. Use daily routines to instill habitual moments of thanksgiving and praise.

Throughout the year, cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

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