Suitcase Theology

This spring a group from Northside Church visited the Holy Land. I faced the pre-trip challenge of packing 15 days worth of clothes into a suitcase and carry-on. Let’s just say all of us regularly repeated our outfits on the trip.

Overstuffed suitcase in hallway

Experts say to pack a suitcase and then remove half of the contents. I didn’t quite honor this maxim. However, the knowledge that I would be the one lugging the luggage certainly provided an incentive.

George Carlin performed a routine about “Stuff.” The comedian observed: “A house is just a pile of stuff with a cover on it.” We can become consumed with taking care of too much stuff.

Packing for a trip forces a traveler to prioritize and choose stuff—not everything can be taken. And it turns out that many necessities are actually luxuries.

Jesus told a story entitled The Parable of the Rich Fool. The punch line asks: “What does it profit someone to win the whole world and lose his or her soul?”

Our stuff can weigh us down rather than free us up. Pack light in order to enjoy both the journey and the destination.

1 thought on “Suitcase Theology

  1. Love this. SO true. Living in Buckhead TOO long, I see nothing but delivery trucks with more stuff. Carlin was right; no one needs all this junk. Losing your soul and your health, makes all this stuff irrelevant. Time for a trip to Goodwill!


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