Kindle Bible

Last week’s blog featured the youversion app that enables Christians to access digital versions of the Bible wherever they go. I encourage believers to download the application for their smart phones, tablets, and other electronic devices.

I recently downloaded the Bible to my Kindle device as well.

niv kindleAmazon sells various versions of the Kindle e-reader that allow patrons to read digital publications on a paper book sized tablet. The e-devices are light weight and portable with enough memory for thousands of books.

And as I continue to mature in wisdom, knowledge, stature, and years, I have also come to appreciate the font size adjustment feature! Readers can make the print as large as necessary.

A hard cover NIV Study Bible costs over $30 with leather editions running much more. I downloaded the Kindle Version for under $10.

Christians exist in a time when the Bible is more readily accessible than ever before. However, we also live in an age of Biblical illiteracy.

If all else has failed, maybe it’s time to read the directions.

1 thought on “Kindle Bible

  1. I like that you’re promoting this idea and alternative. I’m not a gadget person and still use an actual Bible but it seems I’m the exception. I’m often surprised by how little Christians know about the Bible and making it more accessible and user-friendly shall we say, can only be a good thing.


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