The Super Bowl Blues

NFL: Super Bowl LIII Handoff Press Conference

  • Good News:    Atlanta is hosting the 2019 Super Bowl LIII.
  • Bad News:      The Atlanta Falcons will not be playing.
  • Good News:    The Falcons will not collapse in the 4th quarter of Sunday’s game.
  • Bad News:      The Falcons collapsed all season long.
  • Good News:    The Falcons won some tough games.
  • Bad News:      The Falcons lost to Cleveland. Cleveland? Cleveland!
  • Good News:    Rise Up!
  • Bad News:      Fall Down.
  • Good News:    There’s always next year.
  • Bad News:      There’s always next year.
  • Good News:    Life should not be affected by how highly paid athletes play.
  • Bad News:      For some, it is.  
  • Good News:    If you want to hear the Good News, come to church this Sunday.
  • Bad News:      More will cheer on Sunday night than worship on Sunday morning.

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