Teaching Preaching

This Saturday Northside Church will host the Atlanta College Park District Leadership Training. Party down! Yours truly will lead a session on “Preaching and Worship.”

But how does one TEACH preaching?

Seminary equips clergy with the basic tools to write a homily. Over time, ministers develop their own styles, methods, and processes.

I typically start with an idea accompanied by a title, topic, and Scripture lesson. Then I gather resources that inform the subject—background Bible study, illustrations, stories, Internet research, and more.

This is not a solitary pursuit. The Worship Team at our church meets weekly to exchange ideas and inspire creativity.

But preaching’s a funny business . . . .

Sometimes I write what might well be the finest sermon in the history of Christendom, and nothing stirs, not even a church mouse. Other times I stumble through a homily only to have people say it was the best sermon they’ve ever heard. On other occasions, people share meaningful quotes that I never said.

These moments remind me that preaching is a human-divine partnership. The Lord works in, through, and despite the minister. Paul said we hold heavenly treasures in jars of clay. Preachers are human beings tasked with proclaiming the divine gospel.

Also, teaching preaching is tough when the instructor is still a student himself!

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