Water of Life

Bottled water has become a multi-billion dollar business. National brands cost more per gallon than gasoline. Industry representatives spend millions annually touting the merits of bottled elixirs over tap water. However, studies suggest no discernible difference between designer and faucet water.

During my childhood, no one thought much about water. Every faucet tapped into an inexhaustible supply. We took long baths with shower heads that dispensed enough pressurized water to peel paint. Oversized commodes flushed away countless gallons with a satisfying rush of liquid. When the plumbing ran too long, jiggling the handle took care of the problem.

Bottled waterI recall the first advertisements about bottled water back in the 1980s. The concept dumbfounded me. Why would people pay good money for something they could get for free? I figured the concept would die along with other fads like cell phones, satellite TV, and Apple computers.

Today grocery stores dedicate shelf after shelf to bottled water. The name brands by the major bottling companies occupy the most space. However, flavored waters with exotic ingredients have carved a niche for themselves.

The ecologically conscious now recommend using reusable bottles with tap water. Many homes and offices recycle. We have all begun to realize that natural resources are not inexhaustible resources. Water is a precious gift of creation that must be wisely utilized.

Tap, spring, artesian, or bottled—water is life. As children of the Creator, we are called to be wise stewards of this valuable commodity.

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