Daniel’s Character

Daniel LionsLast Sunday I preached on the Old Testament story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den.

The story took place during a dismal time in Jewish history. After being defeated in battle, Israel’s best and brightest had been exiled to Babylonia. However, a Jewish man named Daniel rose in leadership through his ability, integrity, and faith.

Through a series of providential events, King Darius appointed Daniel as an administrator to help oversee the kingdom. Darius was so impressed by Daniel’s character and faithfulness that he planned to place him in charge over the entire country.

However, other royal advisors envied and resented Daniel. They investigated the man of God thoroughly to find some fault against him, but they were unable to do so.

Listen to the assessment of Daniel’s character by his ENEMIES: “They could find no corruption in him, because he was trustworthy and neither corrupt nor negligent.”

It’s striking how Daniel’s enemies confirmed his good character! Their extensive investigations revealed NOTHING.

Daniel passed every these test with flying colors. In fact, his enemies ultimately decided the only way to trap him was through the faithful practice of his faith.

Daniel’s life was a witness for those around him. By the end of the story, even King Darius called the people to worship Daniel’s God.

May we live in such a way that even our enemies confirm our faithful lives.

2 thoughts on “Daniel’s Character

  1. Excellent read and frankly, one of my favorite Bible stories. However, it is impossible for me to read this and not experience a sense of deep regret as to how few, if any, Daniels there are to choose from or who are already in office. In all seriousness, God help us.


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