During a recent trip, the word “WARNING” suddenly appeared on my car’s information screen. Alarmed that something might be wrong, I glanced down to read the message. It declared:

warning 2

I grimaced at the irony. The WARNING caused the very situation it was designed to prevent. THEN the display required me to push “OK” in order to clear the screen.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

Like most males, I take great pride in my multitasking abilities. I can read a TV program, listen to a book, and watch my wife all at the same time. Or is that “watch,” “read,” and “listen?” Regardless, I’m really good at it!

In computers, multitasking executes multiple tasks concurrently for greater efficiency. However, studies indicate the human brain does not operate in this fashion. In fact, multitasking can lead to inefficiency and inattentiveness.

The new “Hands Free” law in Georgia prohibits a driver from touching a cell phone while operating a vehicle. Regardless of our belief to the contrary, human beings do not multitask well. The road provides enough distractions without adding a digital device to the mix.

So heed the WARNING: Focus your attention on driving.

The life you save may be your own. Or mine!

1 thought on “WARNING!

  1. Mmm…sounds like a sermon brewing. But it might be advantageous to have a reminder to keep our eyes on Jesus before we crash and burn. . .and press “okay” to acknowledge!


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