Hedera Helix

Atlanta residents better know hedera helix by its more common name: English ivy. The green flame rivals kudzu’s ability to spread like fire. The vines can quickly cover trees, abandoned buildings, and slow moving children.

English Ivy 2Some gardeners plant English ivy to stabilize steep banks. The ivy controls soil erosion in yards like General Sherman eliminated urban sprawl in Atlanta.

In addition, the lush ground cover provides an ideal habitat for insects, rodents, and snakes. When we first moved to Buckhead, neighbors warned us that copperheads love the dense vegetation.


Sin is the English ivy of the spiritual life.

Evil begins as a small sprout but spreads quickly. Sin always proves deadly and destructive. Left unattended, it can overwhelm our lives and choke our souls.

Paul understood this reality when he wrote: The wages of sin is death.

Hedera helix sounds and looks beautiful. However, the invasive vine can run amok, and it’s difficult to eradicate. The BEST way to control English ivy is to never allow it to take root.

Turns out the same principle applies to sin.

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