Professional Christians

In many ways, clergy can be categorized as religious professionals. The church sets apart ordained ministers for specialized ministry. Worship, Bible study, prayer, fellowship, and mission form our job description. We are PAID to do the very things that all Christians are CALLED to do.Pro

If pastors do not exercise great care, then church work can become a job rather than a vocation and a career rather than a calling.

Temptation constantly beckons to plan worship rather than worship; to lead prayer rather than pray; to practice sermon preparation rather than spiritual devotions; to prepare Bible study rather than study the Bible; to chair committees rather than provide leadership; to attend meetings rather than perform ministry; to preach sermons rather than practice what we preach.

Then again, maybe ministers aren’t so different from church members. There are times when we all act like professional Christians. Temptation constantly beckons us to go through the motions rather than experience the emotions; to keep the letter of the law rather than the spirit; to do church work rather than be the church. We begin looking for the minimum amount required rather than the maximum effort necessary.

Approaching our faith, do we possess a “HAVE TO,” “OUGHT TO,” or “GET TO” attitude? Choose carefully—the answer shapes our entire relationship with God.

2 thoughts on “Professional Christians

  1. Always a good reminder for all of us. Not just the clergy. It is too easy to get caught up doing at the church and not experiencing. Thank you for the reminder


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