Every Litter Bit Hurts

On a recent litter patrol, I filled a plastic bag with trash strewn around our block. The corner of Northside Drive and West Wesley accounted for much of the refuse. Apparently people toss their trash out the window while waiting at the traffic light.

The rubbish included Styrofoam cups, plastic straws, fast food wrappers, potato chip bags, soft drink cans, newspaper flyers, and four feet of a metal stud, complete with screws. Based on the beer bottles and wine coolers, the street also doubles as a corner bar.

People are pigs.

I should apologize—such a comparison is unfair to pigs. While hogs earn their stinky-sty reputation, a porker never tossed Bud Light cans out a truck window.

Dilly, dilly.Litter Bug

A week later litter again festooned the block. Two Toyota hubcaps gave the road’s shoulder a festive touch. I grabbed a trash bag with a sigh and started over.

See comment about people and pigs above.

According to the opening chapters of Genesis, the Lord appointed humans as co-stewards of creation. Our birthright mandates we treasure the world both for God’s sake and for ours.

In many national parks, signs instruct hikers: “Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints.”

And the people of God say, “Amen!” Then they pick up some trash because every litter bit helps.

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