The Five Senses of Fall

Sights of fall:  

Burning bushes ablaze with God’s glory. Pomegranate sunsets painting a western sky. Harvest moon slinging a scythe through sheaves of stars. Orange light dancing in hollow-eyed pumpkins. First leaves falling, fluttering, flipping, flopping. Smoky breath steaming in the morning chill. Frost glazed windows heralding winter’s advent. Thanksgiving tables boasting divine bounty.

Sounds of fall:

Crisp, crunching, cackling, crackling leaves underfoot. Raucous honks of southbound geese. Pitter-patter of oaks shedding their acorn burdens. Fussy, chattering squirrels scampering up trees, burying nuts, and insulating winter’s nests. Ding-dong of doorbells and Trick-or-Treats of costumed children. Swish-swish whispers of corduroy pants. Fingernail-on-the-chalkboard scratching of scrapers on ice-blinded windshields.

Smells of fall:

Wisps of smoldering leaves wafting along the biting breeze. Vegetable soup bubbling and boiling on the stove. The arid smell of burnt dust as heaters awake from hibernation. Chimney smoke’s hickory and oak scented breath. Hot apple cider stirred with cinnamon sticks held close to the face. Aching lungs drawing great draughts of chilled air.

Feelings of fall:

Sweater weather mornings and shirtsleeve afternoons. Crisp, cool sheets of bedtime. Snuggling deep under cozy quilts. Cold tile shocking bare feet. Squishy, squashy, stringy, slippery pumpkin guts sliding between children’s fingers. Slick feel of early Christmas catalogs filling the mailbox.

Tastes of fall:

The crisp crunch of Red Delicious apples. Carnival cotton candy and corn dogs. Buttered, salted, toasted pecans. Fried peach pies piping hot from the stove. First-cold-snap chili, spicy and steamy. Hot cocoa with a whipped cream cap. Turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce, sweet potato soufflé, and pecan pies. Muscadines fermented by sunshine and aged on the vine.

During this fall season, see, hear, smell, touch, and taste that the Lord is good!

2 thoughts on “The Five Senses of Fall

  1. Bill, you really have a way with words! Thanks for a very descriptive picture of fall and coming of winter. Love all the mental pictures this brings. Thank You!😄🍁🍂


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