A Time for Everything, Part 1

Ecclesiastes 3The third chapter of Ecclesiastes declares: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. The author then lists fourteen pairs of diametrically opposed activities. Examples include: A time to live and die, plant and uproot, weep and laugh, mourn and dance, scatter and gather, and tear and mend.

The Preacher’s words inspired a list of my own which I will share over the next two weeks.

There is a time to stand up. Stand up when the National Anthem plays. Stand up when a lady or older person enters the room. Stand up when the family processes and recesses during a funeral. Stand up during the playing of Taps at a graveside—and put your right hand over your heart.

There is a time to take off your baseball cap. Take off your hat during The Star Spangled Banner. Take off your hat during prayer. Take off your hat as a funeral procession passes. Take off your hat at the dinner table. Call me old-school but take off your hat when you go inside.

There is a time to shut up. Ecclesiastes states this more tactfully by saying There’s a time to remain silent. I prefer to be more direct. Shut up when someone else is talking. Shut up at the theater. Shut up when a family member or friend is speaking on the phone.

There is a time to let go. Let go of a grudge. Let go of an addiction. Let go of hurtful words. Let go of harmful deeds. Let go of past failures. Let go of future worries. Let go and let God.

There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. And the time is now.

4 thoughts on “A Time for Everything, Part 1

  1. I could not agree more. Bravo! What you speak of is what I feel has been slowly eroding in our society and that is common courtesy and decency. It is too rarely seen. I especially love your substitute Shut Up over Remain Silent. When people are so inconsiderste and self absorbed I truly believe more direct communication is required for them to hear. What you have listed here are excellent instructions that we are all familiar with but no longer are routinely practiced. I anxiously await for the rest. Thank you for these very important reminders. May they rise to the surface of our minds once again.


  2. What excellent words. I think that folks have just forgotten basic good manners, and in some cases the current generation was never taught them. Parents have an important responsibility to do that.


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