It’s a Dog’s Life, Part 4

Sam Glasses(Bill decided to take a break from his writing duties. The family’s Yorkshire Terrier, Sam, volunteered to serve as today’s guest columnist. Views expressed by the canine in no way reflect the blogger’s opinions.)

Bill’s introduction failed to mention that I am a RETURNING guest columnist. Today’s post marks the fourth in a series of blogs by yours truly. He also conveniently forgot to note that my posts always inspire record hits on his site

Jealousy is so unbecoming in a human.

My humans have been talking all week about a special service this Sunday, October 1, at Northside United Methodist Church. The tallest member of my pack works at the church in order to buy me kibble, treats, and squeeze toys.

The congregation is sponsoring a Blessing of the Pets’ service in honor of some saint guy named Thomas. The only saint I ever met was named Bernard, and he slobbered everywhere. I don’t THINK they’re related.

At any rate, everyone is gathering at Northside Church this Sunday at 4:00 to bless the animals. However, I DID overhear the short-haired member of the pack say he wasn’t blessing anything without shoulders that slithers on the ground.


Color me confused. What’s the big deal? ALL animals are already blessed by God, and we bless our adopted families. I’m not sure why anyone needs a service to remember this, but humans do tend to be forgetful.

My humans plan to attend, but I have not yet determined whether to grace the congregation with my presence. Like many non-church-goers, crowds make me nervous.

I’ll say it again: it’s a dog’s life, and I’m not complaining. The Great Master in the Sky has blessed my family richly. Between you and me, I believe the Hound of Heaven has a soft spot for canines.

Think about it—“dog” is “God” spelled backwards.

Coincidence? I don’t think so!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Dog’s Life, Part 4

  1. Sam, Sam, Sam. I think you’re onto something. Indeed our pets bless us much more then we could ever bless them. Nevertheless, it does work out to be quite a mutually satisfying relationship; the dog and the human thing. Some of God’s best work I think.


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