A Shoeless Soul

Sweltering in July’s heat and humidity, I recall childhood’s dog days of summer. Attic fans produced the only air conditioning. Cut-off shorts comprised the dress of the day. A carefree boyhood meant no shoes, no shirt, and no problems.

BarefeetBarefoot summers produced leather-tough soles. Dew drenched grass glided beneath feet. Brick red, bone dry Georgia clay powdered ankles. Following a thunderstorm, squishy mud squished between toes.

East of Eden even life’s blessings come with a price. Bare feet paid with the coin of stubbed toes, splintered heels, and thorn-pierced flesh. Hot tarmac seared tender insoles. The unwary trod where dog offerings hid in the grass.

In the journey from boy to man, I abandoned childish things. However, maturation can also forfeit a childlike innocence. Jesus said: “I tell you the truth, anyone who doesn’t receive the Kingdom of God like a child will never enter it.”

During this barefoot summer, let us cultivate a shoeless soul.

Toss aside socks, shoes, and sandals.  Feel the lush grass beneath naked feet. Wiggle toes deep into the dirt. Swish little piggies through cool water. Ground our spirits in the rich soil of the Spirit’s presence.

Sweltering in July’s heat and humidity, relive childhood’s dog days of summer.

4 thoughts on “A Shoeless Soul

  1. I remember playing on the school playground in southwest Georgia where the soil was hard, hot sand. It didn’t bother us. Praying for it to rain while waiting in our swim suits, and as soon as the rain came, we went out to play. Thanks for the smile.


  2. These days I’m going barefoot mostly on hardwood and carpeted floors, but it surely was fun to relive childhood memories like you described of being barefoot in God’s big, beautiful outdoors all summer! Thanks for the reminder, and I’ll be working on cultivating a “shoeless soul”.


  3. Great to be reminded to reflect…it leads us into the future with a renewed gift from the Holy Spirit’s prompting! Thank you Bill!


  4. Beautiful memories which bring even better reflections. And nothing beat the smell of gardenias outside my window and the sounds……


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