Each January I select a single word to serve as a focal point for the entire year. The spiritual discipline shapes my daily devotions and spiritual life.

During 2017, I am focusing on being GRATEFUL.

I begin and end each day with the question: “What am I grateful for today?” An attitude of gratitude directs my eyes from the gift to the Giver. It prompts me in a variety of ways to simply say “Thank you ” to the Author of all good and perfect gifts.

gratefulGratefulness begins with God and overflows to others. The Lord graces us with life-giving relationships with family, friends, and others. Our human nature leads us to take people for granted. A focus on being grateful has inspired me to both experience and express my appreciation for those around me.

Gratitude also helps inoculate my soul against whining, complaining, and grumbling. Gratefulness leads us to focus on blessings rather than inconveniences. It’s difficult to moan and groan while praising God and loving others.

We tend to be a forgetful people, so I’ve seeded each day with small reminders. It’s my first thought when I awake, and it’s my last thought when I fall asleep. The word forms (part!) of my computer password. And I’ve even taken the radical step of exercising gratitude while stopped at one of Gwinnett County’s many traffic lights!

During 2017, I am focusing on being GRATEFUL.

What’s your word?

8 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. I think I will take your grateful and start it today as my word. My heart and life need to focus on gratitude.


  2. Whether you choose a word or not, it is good to pull at least one positive thing about each and every day to focus on at the end of the day and say a prayer of thanks. Your word and article is a great reminder of that! Thanks!😊


  3. My word is THANKFUL. I am thankful for God’s saving grace, for family and friends and for my church family. Thanks for sharing.


  4. A grateful heart is something that sustained Kirk and I the last four years. Without it things would have been much more difficult. It is a good choice, a good word and a great practice and one that has become critical to finding balance in my life. Thanks for your thoughts.


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