Fashion Challenged

Hi, my name’s Bill, and I’m fashion challenged.

I’m not sure when the condition began. I experienced occasional problems dressing myself during childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood. However, the malady intensified after my wedding day.

My new bride quickly sensitized me to the disorder. After surveying my clothing selection, she would ask incredulously, “Are you REALLY going to wear THAT?” I am as clueless as most men, but even I realized the polite inquiry might actually be a scathing commentary.

ken-doll-clothesThe conversation recurred repeatedly during the first months of our marriage. Finally, I accepted my fashion senselessness. I had also grown weary of changing clothes!

So one day in a Solomon-like moment of wisdom, I said to my spouse: “Why don’t you just pick out my clothes, and I will wear them?” My wife accepted the offer with great relief.

If someone comments favorably about my clothes today, I glibly respond, “I just put on what my wife laid out.” Then we will join in a good laugh—the other person never suspecting that I am telling the unvarnished truth. Whatever vestigial ability I once possessed to dress myself withered away years ago from disuse.

When the apostle Paul sought an analogy for growing in holiness, he chose the image of changing clothes. The Holy Spirit calls us to take off our old, worldly clothes of sin. We are called to don new, spiritual clothes of righteousness.

Paul wrote: “You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.” (Galatians 3:27)

This process of sanctification takes a lifetime to accomplish. The Holy Spirit examines our lives and asks, “Are you really going to wear THAT?” Conviction, confession, and repentance follow. We exchange our out of style clothing for something more befitting of the Christian life.

Hi, my name is Bill. And I’m a recovering, fashion challenged, child of God.

3 thoughts on “Fashion Challenged

  1. Wow Bill. A powerful piece you have written here. I started out laughing and did not anticipate the bold reminder at the end. A nice balance.


  2. You wear your garments well…or do they wear you? God’s word has provided your wardrobe of righteousness, whether it agrees with the world’s view, or not. You do wear it well!


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