I Sat Alone and You . . .

Our church offers a weekly Wednesday night supper. We enjoy a good time of food and fellowship followed by programs for all ages. People love catching up with family and friends. However . . .

Fellowship in the church always possesses a shadow side.

We seek to create environments and small group settings where people form life-giving relationships. These very friendships, however, can lead to inhospitable environments and closed groups. The ties that bind can also repel newcomers.

Case in point:

Last fall a crowd of over 200 people gathered for the final Wednesday night supper before Thanksgiving. A raucous, joyful crowd loudly enjoyed one another’s company. Some groups pulled together two or three tables to expand their table fellowship. However . . .

A special needs adult sat at a table by himself.

I watched for several minutes, hoping someone would notice. He might as well have been wearing Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility. No one sat down with him much less acknowledged his presence.

I joined him for five minutes, and we discussed our holiday plans. Then someone called me away to deal with another matter. I checked later, and he was gone.

Ask anyone there that night—a good time was had by all. Delicious food and interesting conversation. However . . .

Fellowship in the church always possesses a shadow side.

6 thoughts on “I Sat Alone and You . . .

  1. I can’t click “like” on this one because it breaks my heart. I’m afraid it is painfully true way too often. “Father forgive us, (we are so self absorbed), we know not what we do.”


  2. I’ve noticed whether church or other large groups people flock to who they know. It’s just natural. Most need something in the larger groups to encourage them to reach out of their group. Very few have the personality to work the room. One way to handle is have 2 or 3 outgoing hospitable folks at each gathering to look for new folks and plug them into the group by introducing them. People are people and we have to consciously include everyone.


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