Morning Thanks

Woman turning off alarm clock

Our attitude in the morning shapes the entire day. We can awake by saying Good morning, Lord! or Good Lord, it’s morning! Consider starting each day with a cup overflowing with thanksgiving. Thank God for

  • A good night’s sleep

Children effortlessly enjoy peaceful slumber, but adults count sleep as a precious gift. Like many blessings, we only recognize the grace in hindsight.

  • Electricity  

Flip a switch to turn on the lights. Adjust the thermostat to make it more comfortable. Turn on the TV to check the weather. We take modern conveniences for granted, but recall the last thunder storm or winter blizzard when the power disappeared.

  • Water

Twist the faucet and limitless water flows from the tap. In contrast, I visited a Honduran village where the people carried water from a community well. However, Americans don’t bother to turn off the spigot while brushing our teeth.

  • Potable Water

Americans can travel across the United States and drink pure water without a care. Overseas travelers quickly discover this is the exception rather than the rule.

  • Hot Water

God bless the inventor of the water heater! (Note to readers: it’s an exercise in repetitious redundancy to say HOT water heater. J) Back in the day of heating water on wood stoves, people considered warm baths an indulgence. What were once occasional luxuries are now daily necessities.

  • Coffee

Maybe coffee shouldn’t make the list, but many people cannot face the day without a shot of java. One Christian author called caffeine the “Christian drug,” socially acceptable and readily available at church. I must confess to sipping a cup of joe while writing this blog.

  •   Food

Ever grumbled “There’s nothing to eat” while staring into a full frig or packed pantry?  For most, this is an exercise in hyperbole; for some, this is a reality of poverty.

An old hymn encourages God’s people:

Count your many blessings, name them one by one.

Count your many blessings, see what God has done.

Starting each morning with an attitude of gratitude can transform the entire day.

6 thoughts on “Morning Thanks

  1. I was doing just that this morning – counting my blessings!
    At this household, we also have commented on the redundancy of hot water heater… great minds think alike?

    Have a blessed day, Bill.


  2. During this heat wave we’re having you better believe that I’m thankful everyday that my AC is working! Thankfulness just makes you feel better!


  3. Not many people notice the “hot water heater” error. Why would you want to heat water that is already hot?
    Thanks for the reminder Bill to count our blessings. Particularly water and sleep. A plumber once commented you can live without electricity, but let the water fail and see how things go for you.


  4. The minute I open my eyes in the morning I start thanking God for a good night’s sleep. I also thank him for the many blessings that I have. Since my husband has sundown dementia, I pray too that he will be okay that day – maybe I can run some errands or go to the library and read to just get away. I have to take good care of myself as well as him. God is good all the time!!


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