In 1454, Johannes Gutenberg published a Catholic Bible printed in Latin. The Gutenberg Bible represented the first mass-produced major book using movable type. Gutenberg inspired a revolution in printing that eventually led to the widespread availability of the Bible for the masses.

Today we take for granted easy access to the printed Word. Most Christian households possess multiple copies of the Holy Scriptures. I quickly counted 20 different Bibles in my church office.

Christians can also read digital versions of the Bible. The 21st century is experiencing a Gutenberg-type revolution in electronic media. Old fashioned bound books with print and pages may one day become relics of the past. Scripture can be viewed online or downloaded to smart phones and tablets.

I often recommend that Christians youversionconsider using The website provides a free Bible app with more versions than will ever be used. The application also offers reading plans, study guides, and more. One of my favorite features is the audio version for many popular versions of the Bible.

And did I mention the app is FREE?!? AND ad-free!

The Bible app can be traced back to a United Methodist pastor named Craig Groeschel. In 1991, he joined the staff at the First United Methodist Church of Oklahoma City. He eventually left the denomination and founded a new congregation in 1996 called Life Covenant Church.

Today Life Church is part of the larger Evangelical Covenant Church. The church boasts multiple locations and is considered to be one of the largest congregations in the United States.

In 2008, Life Church introduced Financial support for the Bible app comes from the church along with outside donors. The site employs 20 fulltime staff members along with hundreds of volunteers.

According to the website, now offers 1,228 versions with 895 languages supported. The numbers change constantly, but the site has exceeded 210 MILLION downloads! makes the Bible readily accessible on computers, smart phones, and tablets. We can literally carry God’s Word with us everywhere. The app will even read audio versions for listeners while driving, working, or resting.

I encourage you to download the app today.

Oh, and USE IT!

2 timothy 3 16

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  1. I agree completely! Its a great app and website, and I use them both frequently. There’s still nothing like the printed word (for the Bible or other books) when practical, but for easy access anywhere, ease of use and excellent search capabilities (I use it for most of my Bible research), you can’t beat it.


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