The Five Senses of Fall

Sights of fall:

Fall LeavesBurning bushes ablaze with God’s glory, holy ground graced by human souls. Sugar maples aglow with distilled sunshine in the twilight gloom. Pomegranate red sunsets painting the western sky. Harvest moon slinging a scythe through a harvest of glistening stars set against black velvet infinity. Indian corn’s color-freckled kernels bursting from a brown husk. Orange light dancing in hollow pumpkin eyes. Leaf carpeted yards in rainbow muted hues. Frost glazed windows and lawns warning of winter’s advent. Thanksgiving tables boasting divine bounty. First leaves falling, fluttering, flipping, flopping. Smoky breath steaming in the morning chill.

Sounds of fall:

Crisp, crunching, cackling, crackling leaves underfoot. Raucous honks of migrating geese southward bound. A college crowd’s cheers, a referee’s shrill whistle, and the solid thunk of toe-meeting-leather. Fussy, chattering squirrels scampering up trees, burying ripe acorns, and insulating winter’s nests. Ding-dong of doorbells and “Trick or Treats!” of costumed children. Sanctuary radiators hissing and sighing as hot water warms their aching bones. Swish-swish whispers of corduroy pants passing by. Patter of acorns as oaks shed their summer burden. Fingernail-on-the-chalkboard scratching of scrapers on ice-blinded windshields. Reverberation of a bouncing basketball on a high school gym floor.

Smells of fall:

Wisps of smoldering leaves wafting along gentle breezes. Vegetable soup bubbling and boiling on the stove. The arid smell of burnt dust as a heater is turned on for the first time. Chimney smoke’s hickory and oak scented breath. Hot apple cider stirred with cinnamon sticks held close to the face. Aching lungs drawing great draughts of chilled air.

Feelings of fall:

Sweater weather mornings and shirtsleeve afternoons. Crisp, cool sheets at bedtime. Snuggling deeper under cozy quilts at the alarm clock’s ring. Cold tile shocking bare feet. Slick feel of ever earlier Christmas catalogs filling the mailbox. Squishy, squashy, stringy, slippery pumpkin guts sliding between children’s fingers. Carving a jack-o-lantern’s face in knife-resisting pumpkin rind.

Tastes of fall:

The crisp crunch of a Red Delicious apple, juice lips-escaping and chin-streaming. Mouth puckering persimmons before the first frost. Carnival cotton candy and corn dogs. Buttered, toasted, salted pumpkin seeds and pecans. Fried peach pies piping hot from the oven. First-cold-snap chili, spicy and steamy. Hot cocoa with a whipped cream cap. Turkey and dressing, cranberry sauce and sweet potato soufflé, cornbread and rolls, pumpkin and pecan pies. Muscadines fermented by sunshine and aged on the vine.

During this fall season, see, hear, smell, touch, and taste that the Lord is good!

4 thoughts on “The Five Senses of Fall

  1. Beautiful, warm, and reminiscent images for this time of year. As I read them I was struck by the thought of a foreign refugee plucked from an arid Middle Eastern country to land in our midst for survival. Could be life changing.


  2. What a wonderful world this would be if we could just live in these moments and not have to worry about the wars and all the sorrows that come with it. Christ is alive and we must hold on to His unchanging hands. Thanks so much for sharing.


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