The Five Senses of Winter

Winter Sights:

Warm breath billowing smoke-like in the cool air. Frost-embossed window panes. Brown grass shivering under a white blanket of snow. Skeletal trees etched against a grey-cloud horizon. Icicles distilling sunlight into rainbows. Ice-rimed shrubs standing silent sentry in yards.

Berry-red sunsets painting the western sky in frozen watercolors. Nimbus clouds making false promises of snow. Folk dressed up like Eskimos. Wind-whipped crimson cheeks. Shadow play of fireplace flame. Blank calendar pages filled with potential and promise. Punxsutawney Phil searching for his shadow. Pink and red Valentine hearts.

 Winter Sounds:

Hoarfrost crunch-crunch-crunching underfoot. Swish-swish whispers of corduroy pants passing by. Fingernail-on-the-chalkboard scratching of scrapers on ice-blinded windshields.  Involuntary exclamations of “Brrrrrr” and shouts of “Shut the door!” Sniffly, snuffly, stuffy noses. TV reports of inclement weather school closings.

Reverberations of bouncing basketballs on a high school gym floor. Tree limbs rubbing their hands together to stay warm. Sighing, shifting, sizzle, crackle, cackle of logs in the fire. A teapot’s wolf-whistle and a crock pot’s teeth chattering. Children’s excited clamor at the first sighting of snow flurries.

 Winter Smells:

Frigid air scented with polar purity. Spicy chili simmering on the stove. Piping hot bread fresh from the oven. Parsley, sage, rosemary, cinnamon and thyme. Freshly brewed coffee percolating on the kitchen counter.

Wet wool steaming dry. Damp snow smell on the wind. Dust-burnt heat blowing from vents. Mentholated chests and eucalyptus cough drops. Hickory scented smoke pluming from a chimney.

 Winter Feelings:

Toasty warm blankets and freezer cold floors. Scratchy wool mittens, hats, scarves, and sweaters. Jack Frost nipping at your nose. Glacial winds reminding pedestrians where their underwear ends. Pants so layered that thighs forget one another’s names.

Backing up to a blazing fire. A body outline of warmth slowly spreading under sheets and blankets. Chapped lips and dry skin. Static kissed clothes clinging to skin. Frigid car seats chilling the back of one’s front.

Winter Tastes:

Hot cocoa topped with bobbing marshmallows. Homemade soup generously ladled into deep bowls. Crisp cornbread fresh out of the oven. Tart apple cider with cinnamon swizzle sticks. Glutinous oatmeal flavored with sugar and cream.

Comfort food of chicken pot pie, macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup, meat loaf, topping heaped pizza, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Flittering, fluttering snowflakes melting on an outstretched tongue.

During these winter months,  look, listen, smell, touch, and taste  that the Lord is good!

4 thoughts on “The Five Senses of Winter

  1. This did make me think about things to appreciate about this time of year. It’s not easy on a gloomy, drizzly, cold day. Thank you for sharing your creative mind with us, as well as your wisdom.


  2. Lovely to read on a dreary, drizzly, cold day. It’s good to remember there are things to appreciate about this season. I was impressed with your creative expression too! Thanks for sharing this.


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