A Rorschach Bookshelf Test

ink blotHermann Rorschach published his self-named “Rorschach Ink Blot Test” in 1921 to identify personality characteristics. As an armchair psychologist, I have created the “Bill Burch Bookshelf Test.” It’s easy to take—just list the items on your bookshelves, and let a friend diagnose how messed-up you are!

For example, here’s a partial list of things you will find on my office bookshelves:

  • 18 Bibles
  • 15 pictures of family
  • 13 Coca-Cola commemorative bottles
  • 8 Nativity sets
  • 5 ocean polished stones from Iona, Scotland
  • 2 Communion patens and chalices
  • 1 plug-in, bubbling, Christmas candle
  • NCAA baseball from a Georgia Tech foul ball
  • Foam bison from a Northside staff retreat—long story!
  • Bound collections of “Calvin & Hobbes” and “The Far Side”
  • Various cups, including a Dunder Mifflin coffee mug
  • Model of Snoopy perched atop his doghouse
  • Shadow box with fragments from the Berlin Wall
  • Hand painted Easter egg
  • Oh, and books!

After scoring the test, it’s obvious that I am a highly intelligent and gifted person of character who is well balanced in every way with no neuroses or psychoses!

How does your list reveal what’s important to you?

1 thought on “A Rorschach Bookshelf Test

  1. Wow, Bill, I love your list. It really gives a good look into your personality! Very eclectic and very interesting. No wonder we love you!😊❤️


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