Buckhead Driving Rules

We moved to Northside Church two years ago. For those new to the area, here are some helpful “Buckhead Driving Rules.”

  • Speed limit signs are mere suggestions.
  • Blinkers are optional.
  • Peachtree Road is a 4 lane street divided into 6 lanes.
  • Construction at Peachtree and Pharr always blocks at least 1 lane.
  • “No Turn on Right” does not apply to YOU.
  • Horns work better than brakes.
  • The bumping sounds you hear are lane dividers.
  • Our zip codes are exempt from the hands-free, cell phone law.
  • Northside Parkway from Howell Mill to Paces Ferry is known as “The Quarter Mile of Death.”
  • Pot holes serve as speed bumps.
  • Neighborhood lanes make great shortcuts.
  • Others tailgate, you draft.
  • The car in the next lane cost 6 figures.
  • Traffic is light from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.
  • Do not play “Chicken” with an Amazon delivery van.

The good news is Buckhead traffic will inspire your prayer life and make you cry out to God!


2 thoughts on “Buckhead Driving Rules

  1. I had to wait for an old dog to cross the road for me to get to work this morning……….

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