Things to Do during a Sermon

  • Daydream
  • Post on social media
  • Count the organ pipes
  • Doodle on the bulletins
  • Study the stain glass windows
  • Draw caricatures of the preacher
  • Create a To Do List for next week
  • Rank the worst songs in the hymnal
  • Determine where to eat Sunday lunch
  • Play Hangman with yourself—and cheat
  • Time how long you can hold your breath
  • Tally how many times “just” is used in prayers
  • Check whether the flag and cross stands are straight
  • Furtively play Candy Crush on your muted smart phone
  • Critique the preacher’s annoying hand and speech mannerisms

Or . . .

  • Be where your feet are and hear God’s Word

We choose what things to do during a sermon.

5 thoughts on “Things to Do during a Sermon

  1. Sleep is my favorite!

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  2. Well, if you are the one giving the sermon, I’d find it highly unlikely I’d be doing any of these things. I would, however, be listening intently. As for people being fully present in any given situation these days, it is becoming increasingly irritating to me that they are not as long as they have a phone nearby. I say that in the most Christian way of course.


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