Go Where Sent

Ordained elders in the United Methodist Church serve as itinerant pastors. During ordination, we promise to go wherever the bishop sends. It’s like signing a blank check with the currency of your life, trusting another to spend it wisely.

This past Sunday Bishop Sue Haupert-Johnson announced the pastoral appointments for the North Georgia Annual Conference. In June, she has appointed me to serve as the senior pastor of Northside United Methodist Church in Atlanta.

The opportunity to serve Northside fills me with both excitement and humility. The church’s website highlights a community of faith that invests in the congregation and community. I am excited about the fresh opportunities and challenges, and I am humbled to follow other pastors who have led so capably.

I also grieve over the prospects of leaving First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville. God has richly blessed during the years here, and it has been my privilege to serve such a grace-filled church. My gratitude for the church’s graciousness and support goes beyond words.

Although Methodist elders take formal vows of itineracy, God calls ALL Christians to go where they are sent. Faithful disciples walk in the footsteps of Jesus. We don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future.

We serve the God who is and was and is to come.  So we enjoy the present, cherish the past, and embrace the future.

Go where you’re sent, and you’ll find the Holy Spirit there.

14 thoughts on “Go Where Sent

  1. I will miss these blogs. Many times through tears I remember my Brownie song, make new friends , but keep the old. One is silver and the other is gold. Hugs


  2. Bill, we are excited to have you and your ministry at Northside. My wife and I are newer to Northside after 21 years at Johns Creek UMC. We have found the community at Northside to be very welcoming. I look forward to having you as our pastor.


  3. I can’t believe what I just read! You are leaving us? I will miss you and your blogs!! Whose car am I going to send to get a free wash??


  4. We will be SO sorry to see you go, Bill! Chuck and I started coming to FUM at about the same time as you, and it just won’t be the same! However, we do wish you and your family all the best! Northside will be blessed in the coming years!


  5. I will miss you it was always great getting my questions answered, and just talking at times. I wish good luck on your new position they are getting a great man.


  6. God’s wisdom is so much greater than our own! You’ve been a blessing at every church that you have served and I’m sure Northside UMC will be blessed by you and your family. God’s blessings to you!


  7. Bill, please keep doing your blog. It means so much to read it each week. You have a unique Biblical approach to each subject. You have been a blessing to LFUMC.

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  8. Bill, FUMCLV has been blessed to get to have you with us even though the time was so short. I know that God’s plans for you will bless you and your new church community. I saw their welcoming message to you on their website just a few hours after it was announced at our church. Blessings and prayers to you as this transition takes place.


  9. Thank you Bill for your Godly words of wisdom. Also, thank you for your leadership of His faith community! May God richly bless and keep you and your family in your continued faith journey!


  10. Bill, you have blessed our church with your service and we will miss you. I know you will also be a blessing to Northside as well. Prayers and well wishes to you as you transition to your new church home.


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